West Georgia Youth Range is the realization of a 20 year old dream – a 20 year old dream to provide a venue for citizens, young and old, to be taught to responsibly, safely and skillfully handle firearms. A venue where a sense of community, sense of belonging and an appreciation for our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms can be fostered and preserved. The purpose of the Association is to provide age-appropriate youth education, sponsor and promote good sportsmanship through proficient and enjoyable participation in shooting sports and provide a fun and safe environment for those activities. Both recreation and competitive shooting opportunities will exist for multiple disciplines of shooting competition that encompass trap, skeet, rifle and pistol. WGYRA is dedicated to the development of shooting sports for local youth and promotion of the safe and responsible handling of firearms and weapons, and to create an atmosphere of healthy competition and meaningful fellowship for those who participate. Youth groups will be introduced and educated in the various shooting sports, and WGYRA will provide opportunities to strengthen youth development and life skills necessary to become productive and respected adults of the community.

About the Range

The West Georgia Youth Range facility consists of multiple venues to allow participation in a multitude of shooting sports. Our ranges provide shooting opportunities for participants of multiple disciplines, including rifle, pistol and shotgun. Currently available are:
Two 4-H shotgun ranges for modified trap shooting
A combination trap and skeet range with facilities planned for another combination field
Five 30-yard pistol pits with up to 10 target locations per pit
A 200-yard rifle range with 12 target stations and an additional target station that can accommodate a 300-yard shot
Pavilion and concession area located near the shotgun venues

In the Community

The West Georgia Youth Range Association is a volunteer organization that supports many local activities, donating the use of the range to a growing number of public groups, and providing volunteers to support those activities as required. Youth activities and organizations have priority for range use and may use the range without costs for use of the facilities. Organizations and activities that WGYRA supports and is involved with include:
Member of the Haralson County Chamber of Commerce
Sponsor of annual Chamber of Commerce Turkey Shoot
Member and supporter of the Civilian Marksmanship Program
Sponsor of Haralson County 4-H S.A.F.E teams
Sponsor of Appleseed Project
Supporter of Georgia Sport Shooting Association
Sponsor of West Georgia Tactical Shooters

Want to Know More

If you are interested in sponsoring youth shooting sports or would like other information about WGYRA email us at wgyouthrange@gmail.com.