As a private shooting range, it is each donor’s (and any of their guests) responsibility to care for this range.  Please pack out your trash, be respectful of range property (and the property of groups that regularly hold events here), be respectful of other shooters, help keep the range neat and orderly, and follow the rules and instructions found below.

Range Hours
Mon-Sat 8:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.
Sunday 2:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Easter

The following safety rules shall be followed while using this range.

  1. All range users and shooters are personally responsible for range safety and safe shooting. All shooters are expected to immediately correct unsafe conditions.
  2. Shooters under 18 years of age shall be accompanied while at the range facilities by a parent or other adult over 18 years of age.
  3. Treat any firearm, at any time, as if it is LOADED. Maintain muzzle control and always point firearm in a safe direction. Be familiar with your gun’s operation and features.
  4. Firearms must be kept unloaded until on the designated firing line. Keep your finger off the trigger until the gun is pointed at the target and you are ready to fire.
  5. Shooters and observers shall wear ear and eye protection.
  6. Firearms shall be carried with the muzzle up, actions open with an empty chamber indicator in place, as appropriate.
  7. Firearms are not to be handled during “range safe” periods, or when people are in front of the firing line. (Safety zones may be established for checking firearms for issues)
  8. All shooting shall be in authorized target areas and into backstops only. No shooting at unauthorized targets (cans, bottles, boxes, etc.). Please do not shoot the target frames or attach target to the supports.
  9. Firearms that fire standard center fire rifle cartridges (30-06, .308, .223, etc.) shall be fired from the acoustically-shielded shelter constructed on the rifle range.
  10. Shotguns, normal pistol calibers and .22 rimfire may be fired from the other venues as appropriate.
  11. It is desired that you remove your trash from the range each time you visit, as we do not have any trash removal regularly scheduled. At a minimum, deposit all trash and used targets in containers. Also police your brass when shooting is complete.
  12. Alcohol is prohibited on all ranges. Persons who are consuming or have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs are prohibited from the range.
  13. Horse play is for the playground. Absolutely no horse play on any range.
  14. No fully automatic weapons, fully automatic fire or bump firing allowed.
  15. Normal sporting calibers only are to be used on the range. Calibers such as .50 cal BMG, Tac-50, etc. and similarly excessive noise generating rounds are prohibited.

Please follow these rules while enjoying the range. Violations will be enforced and violators may be asked to leave the facility and may be subject to WGYRA sanctions or possibly criminal or civil actions.